In Memory of Tom “Chip” Kinnebrew

Chip was a devoted rider, who tragically died in April 2007 on brasstown Bald Mountain during the Tour de Georgia.  He was the CEO of the Helena Regional Medical center in Helena and a community leader. Tom was not only a bicycle enthusiast, but was a vigorous promoter of bicycling in the Eastern region of Arkansas. Before he passed away, he had laid out a detailed plan for the Tour, which is the basis for the event. The response of the community to this event is not only a strong testimony to the plan he conceived, but also to his success in spreading the word to the community as to the merits of bicycling for all those involved.

Tom was born in Jacksonville, Florida, on August 26th, 1953. He always considered himself a “Florida boy” loving the warmth and sunshine of the state.  Tom was destined to be surrounded by women since he was born the middle of two sisters. He attended Florida State University and graduated with a degree in Nursing. Shortly after both their graduations, he married his wife Ann whom he dated since high school. They were best friends for twenty eight years.

Tom had many different careers before settling on Health Care Administration. He worked for his father, Tom Kinnebrew, Jr., in his automobile dealership as manager of several departments.  It was there that both the business world and German Import cars caught his attention.  He then worked for the State of Florida in the AIDS education program, but finally decided to work towards his Masters degree in Business Administration and Health care Administration at the University of Florida.  Tom would want it known, however, that he was always a Seminole at heart.

Last modified: June 27, 2022