Tour da Delta Risk Management Plan

Cycling can be a dangerous activity. The Tour da Delta provides cycling routes of approximately 65 miles, 30 miles, and a 7 mile fun ride. The Tour da Delta bicycle ride has developed this Risk Management Plan to document how we manage the ride to reduce risk associated with cycling activities. These policies are to be practiced by participants and other persons involved in the event. All riders share the responsibility for making the Tour da Delta as safe as possible. 

Each participant in the Tour da Delta shall receive a copy, electronic or otherwise, of this Risk Management Plan.

Participants should have personal medical insurance and carry their insurance information with them at all times during the Tour da Delta bike ride. The Tour da Delta organization carries general liability insurance indemnifying the Sonny Boy Blues Society and event organizers, but this is not personal injury or medical insurance for participants. 

Standards of Care
The Tour da Delta participants and all associated volunteers shall adhere to the following:

When riding on the Tour da Delta route, all riders and volunteers shall follow the directions of the Event Director, police officers, highway department officials or other responsible persons (e.g., fire, ambulance, etc.). 

All riders shall wear a helmet certified by CPSC or ASTM whenever they are on their bicycles participating in the Tour da Delta. 

All ride participants and volunteers shall conduct themselves in a safe and prudent manner. 

Every rider, without exception, must obey all traffic laws, including stopping at all stop signs and signals. Riders shall stay to the right of the road as conditions permit and ride single file whenever prudent (e.g. motor vehicle traffic is present).

All volunteers driving a vehicle shall maintain insurance in accordance with the State of Arkansas law and shall wear a seat belt at all times. 

Volunteers/ride workers shall not use cell phones for conversation or texting while driving. If cell phone use is necessary, the driver must pull off the road and stop the vehicle for the duration of the conversation. 

Cyclist shall not use cell phones for conversations or texting while riding. If cell phone use is necessary, the cyclist must pull off the road for the duration of the conversation.

Cyclist Responsibility
The Tour da Delta organization recommends that riders carry cell phones, while recognizing that cell phone service may not be available in all areas traversed by the ride. In the event of an emergency, riders should immediately call 911 via cell phone or other practical means, (e.g. residential telephone line). Riders should then contact the Rider Director per the telephone numbers provided on the turn-by-turn directions provided at check-in. 

Cyclist in the Tour da Delta are responsible for food, water, repair of their machines, and all support matters. Rest stops and SAG support are provided by the Tour da Delta for the riders’ convenience with some food and water. 

Rear flashing bicycle lights are recommended for increased visibility while riding the routes of the Tour da Delta. 

Cyclist must not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol while participating in the ride. 

All ride maps utilize state, county, and local roads that carry light vehicle traffic wherever possible. Riders should expect some vehicle traffic however, and must obey Arkansas and Mississippi traffic laws, and use caution when crossing major highways. Riders will be verbally reminded of this fact at the start of the ride. 

Support vehicles will be at various locations along the 65 mile, 30 mile and fun ride routes. The fun ride will be led by a volunteer at the riders pace. 

Last modified: June 27, 2022