Our mission to preserve and promote the Blues, but it would be impossible without our sponsors. Sponsorships – more than ticket sales, merchandise sales, and beer sales – are what keep this one-of-a-kind, authentic festival afloat. To learn more about the impact your sponsorship has on the festival and the region, check out the booklet below.

REASON #2: The Perks
Our sponsors deserve the best and we do our very best to give it to you. Whether you’re an individual or a corporate sponsor, we’ve put together a series of perks (including VIP access, special events, and opportunities for individual recognition and corporate promotion) that demonstrate our sincere appreciation for your support.

To learn more about the benefits of each sponsorship level, check out the Sponsorship Benefits sheet below.

To become a sponsor, email operations@kingbiscuitfestival.com, call 870.572.5223, or download, complete and mail one of the sponsorship PDFs listed below to:

King Biscuit Blues Festival
P.O. Box 118
Helena, AR 72342

Friends of the Blues 2022: 325-$699

Blues Buddies 2022: $700

Sponsorship Levels

Delta Blues 2022: $1350

Blues Legend 2022: $2700

Blues King 2022: $5000

Major 2022: $10,000

Sustaining 2022: $25,000

Primary 2022: $50,000

Presenting 2022: $100,000

NOTE: In order to be recognized in all promotional print material for this year’s festival, your sponsorship must be received by September

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at 870.572.5223 or by email at sponsorships@kingbiscuitfestival.com.

Last modified: May 18, 2022